On Stage Classes

Our "On Stage" classes are specifically designed for students who wish to pursue a progressive curriculum of acting skills and technique from storytelling to Stanislavski without the musical aspect (no voice or choreography). 

Our in-person classes will include appropriate social distancing measures which will be outlined to all students who enroll. The health and safety of our students and their families are a top priority. Our virtual classes are provided for those students who wish to learn remotely.



Acting I Class - Grades 1-2

The primary focus of this class is to use creative drama to engage students with imagination, enactment and reflection. They will use stories drawn from literature and personal events to inspire their storytelling. Actors will explore vocal tone, body language, facial expression, senses, emotions, and the world around them through fun and exciting theatre games. They will be introduced to theatre concepts such as pantomime, parts of a stage, warm-ups, scripts, and ensemble. 

Mondays, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Tuition: $80 per month (all materials included)

Instructor: Dani Doster


Acting II Class - Grades 3-5

This class will lay the foundation for any young person who is interested in receiving a more in-depth theatre experience. Through fun and engaging theatre games, students will explore dramatic concepts and their own personal stories in a safe and welcoming environment. Actors will be trained in voice, movement, pantomime, improvisation, plot structure analysis, and ensemble, and will explore these topics more through performing monologues and scenes with their classmates.

Mondays, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Tuition: $80 per month (all materials included)

Instructor: Dani Doster


Online Class - Grades 1-5

For students wishing to begin/continue their theatre experience in a virtual format. Fun, engaging acting exercises with the same dramatic themes and theatre concepts, just in a different format to allow for remote learning. Actors will be trained in voice, movement, pantomime, improvisation, and plot structure analysis, with unique performance opportunities and scripts designed specifically for Zoom!

Mondays, 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Tuition: $80 per month (all materials included)

Instructor: Dani Doster


Theatre Games & Improvisation - Grades 4-7

An excellent class for students wishing to develop their passion for acting, theatre, characterization, speech, and presentation skills. This is a no-pressure class designed to build confidence and theatre skills in a casual, fun environment. Using theatre games and improvisation exercises, students will LOVE this class and be amazed at how they start to "think on their feet" and express themselves, develop their characters, and interact with others more freely!

Thursdays, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Tuition: $80 per month (all materials included)

Instructor: Jenn Bates


Acting III Class - Grades 6 and up

This class is intended for students who want to expand their experience in theatre in a safe and creative environment. Students will be introduced to advanced acting philosophies such as from Stanislavski, Meisner, and Chekov, as well as script analysis. The goal is to help actors  construct their own personal "tool box" for tackling any role! 

Tuesdays, 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Tuition: $120 per month (all materials included)

Instructor: Jeffery Miller