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Kids ages 12   to 17  create their own  band!

GARAGE BAND gives musicians a unique ensemble experience to take their skills to the next level!

  • Provides a practical application for the skills they develop in private lessons!

  • Focuses on popular music they choose and love!

  • Motivates with a social setting and accomplishments with peers!

  • Makes music theory relevent!

  • Prepares them for independence in reaching their goals!

  • Encourages collaboration!

Students gain independence.

Music becomes relevent.

Goals are reached.

Dreams are born!

In Garage Band, led by instructor Peter Amos, musicians will take what they’ve learned in Kidzrock, Jr Rockers, and their private lessons and learn how to lead their own group. How do you start a song? What do you play during a solo section? How do you decide what song to play? By choosing music, learning the ins and outs, and deciding who plays what when, students will discover the basics of arranging, improvising, and above all communicating and cooperating with other musicians. 

Join TODAY - space is limited!

Students already in private lessons receive a 50% discount.

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