Music Resources

Here's a growing collection of resources

for our music students to access from home!

Check back often - we'll be adding new links and downloads

frequently as a supplement to our virtual lessons.



Here are a few note-reading apps that come highly recommended by teachers and students alike!


Flashnote Derby (especially apple version)

Staff Wars

Treble and Bass Cats

NinGenius (students can compete against each other online)


We now have several music games available in our "porch pick-up" box at the studio. These games are  just a few of our favorites, and more will be added later. You may need to provide dice and game markers for some of the games, but everything else is included! Click on the image for the skills reinforced with each game.

Barracuda Barricade
To reinforce knowledge of 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures
Flight Feathers
To reinforce recognition of quarter, half and whole rests
Hydrant Hullabaloo
To identify notes affected by accidentals in a measure of music
Gallop For Glitter
To reinforce knowledge of rests in 4/4 time
Furry Fury
To reinforce visual recognition of dynamic markings
Dog Pile Grand Prix
To reinforce knowledge of half steps and whole steps
Lion Launch
To reinforce knowledge of note values in 4/4 time
Log-Rolling Lemurs
To reinforce recognition of ties and slurs
Pit Crew Pandas
To reinforce recognition of dynamic markings
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We have a wide variety of piano sheet music available to our students at no cost! Check out the recordings below, then swing by the studio to pick up the printed sheet music from our "porch pick-up" box. You can also purchase the music online through Amazon.

The Guardians of Ballinmore: Celtic Piano Music for Teens

The Guadrians of Castlemore: Celtic Piano Music for Teens

Racing With The Wind: Piano Music that is Mysterious and Motivating, Passionate and Powerful

The Victress Sessions: Classical Pop Piano Solos Inspired by Female Composers

The Sebastian Sessions: Classical Pop Piano Solos Inspired by Bach

The Amadeus Anthems: Classical Pop Piano Solos Inspired by Mozart

The Beethoven Sessions: Classical Pop Piano Solos Inspired by Beethoven

The Chopin Sessions: Classical Pop Piano Solos Inspired by Chopin