Kids ages 7 and up  learn how to play the piano in an all-keyboard  performing  band!

PIANO JAM gives your child a unique ensemble experience and sets them up for success in music!

  • Frequent concert performances give kids an immediate sense of accomplishment and confidence!

  • Students are motivated by watching their peers progress from beginning to more advanced parts in each song!

  • Kids stay engaged with short-term accomplishments and lower practice expectations!

  • When kids are have fun and feel good about their abilities, they want to practice!

Music lessons shouldn't be stressful or boring.

Practice shouldn't be a battle at home.

We believe a child’s first exposure to playing an instrument sets the tone for the rest of their music education. Just like dance, sports and martial arts, PIANO JAM starts with a group experience - additional "coaching" as private lessons can always be added as they get more advanced! Kids build a strong connection with music first - in a fun, low-pressure setting with their peers - then fine-tune skills and practice disciplines later with specialized lessons.

Start this summer with a FUN DAY or CAMP!

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