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Centerstage Star Students for April 2014!

Congratulations to our STAR STUDENTS for the month of APRIL! Teachers can nominate two students each month based on excellence in practice, progress, attendance and attitude. Be sure to reply with your comments and congratulations. Keep up the good work!

Back: Alyssa Ellis (Wonka), Joshua Laporte (piano/Guy Hayden), Darrin Gregory (guitar/Aaron Weibe), Bridget Palermo (Wonka)

Middle: Samantha Coval (Elementary Theatre), Nahalia Taylor (piano/Zach Moats), Matthew Yates (guitar/Eldon Sully), Gavin Gauthier (piano/Jeri Johnson), Sarah Kate Barton (Elementary Theatre), Eden Poteat (Elementary Theatre), Skylar Ficklen (Elementary Theatre)

Front: Kelly Sunderland (Mommy & Me), Sophie Britton (Elementary Theatre), Aiden Holmes (violin/Guy Hayden), William Schein (piano/Zach Moats), Solvei Stallman (Performing Arts Preschool)

Not pictured: Sara Allbrandt (Little Women/Sheri Lahris), Gus Alston (voice/Kari DeBlasio), Colin Billings (acting/Danielle Doster), Jeanne Billings (violin/Becky Smithson), Katie Duvall (voice/Caroline Scruggs), Madison Dykstra (voice/Rita Leonardi), Sarah Helpinstill (violin/Christine Evans), Lauren Ingrodi (flute/Gerry Eberhardt), Jacob Kim (piano/Jamie Auberg), Kennedy Ramsey (Disney Kids), Byron Rose (Young Performers), Paxton Speight (Wonka), Isabella Stanley (violin/Valerie Philbrick-DeBrava), Jordan Stetina (guitar/David Cowan), Daniel Tyler (piano/Gay Ross-Clunis), Kat Williams (piano/Gerry Eberhardt)

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