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Our Fall Costume Recital has a fresh, new format and venue! It will be held in one of the gorgeous galleries at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. Instead of set recital times and programs, casual performances will take place throughout the day, providing music for museum visitors and Centerstage families! Students can drop in any time between 10am to 5pm, or in the evening by special request.

Group performances are scheduled throughout the day. Talk to your instructor about when you should plan to arrive.

10am - Disney Kids

11am - Young Performers

7pm - Elementary Theatre

Click here for recital information!

Click here for Recital Entry Form!

Students are encouraged to wear a costume that coordinates with the piece they are playing. Think of colorful character pieces, such as In the Hall of the Mountain King, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Funeral March of a Marionnette, or The Wild Rider! Or perhaps you'd prefer movie themes, such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Mission Impossible! And then there's always music theater favorites, such as Phantom of the Opera, and songs from The Little Mermaid or Oklahoma! We want this early event to have a more casual, relaxed atmosphere that showcases the JOY of performing music!

Private students with more experience may choose to expand their experience by participating in the Honors Program. This special track of study helps to prepare students for local competitions and college entrance auditions. The Honors Program requires students to perform standard repertoire from at least three different musical eras. The selections can be played at one recital or divided between two recitals throughout the same academic year. Repertoire must receive prior approval. Pianists and vocalists must perform by memory. Students who successfully complete these requirements and fulfill these rigorous standards will be awarded an engraved Medal at the culmination of the Spring Recital. Talk to your teacher if you are interested in the Honors Program!

To participate in the Costume Recital, students complete a Recital Entry Form with the assistance of their instructor and submit it to the studio office at least one month prior to the performance. Recital program assignments will be posted two weeks prior to the event.

Deadline to enter: October 15

Please note any conflicts and indicate if you need a performance time after 5pm.

Click here for more specific recital guidelines!

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