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14 Amazing Years!

Congratulations to Wendi Williams on 14 amazing years of piano study! It has been our privilege to be a part of Wendi's journey since January 2001. Ms. Gay Ross-Clunis has been her teacher from the time she played her first notes at age 3 to the Chopin Etudes she practices today. Wendi is pictured on the right after a 2003 recital performance, standing next to Ms. Ross-Clunis and her older sister Maggie, who also took many years of piano. We are so proud of Wendi's dedication to her music and for making piano a continuous part of her life. We count the Williams family as a wonderful blessing to Centerstage.

Wendi will graduate from Tabb High School this year as an honors student and member of the THS Chorus, Girls Ensemble and Jazz Choir. We wish her much success and happiness as she heads to Virginia Tech in the fall. She will forever hold a special place in our hearts and as part of our Centerstage family!

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