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March Star Students!

Congratulations to our March Stars! They were nominated by their instructors because their hard work, commitment, practice, progress and attendance reached super star status! Keep up the good work!!

Left to right: Andrew Creelman (Piano/Zach Moats), Marion Chandler (Piano/Jeri Johnson), Emma Koziol (Voice/Gloria Smith), Declan Murianka (Piano/Gerry Eberhardt), Micah Stark (Guitar/David Cowan)

Not pictured: Brenden Anderson (Acting/Sheri Lahris), True Bonilla (Computer Animation/Jamie Auberg), Terra Hess (Fun Friday Preschool/Jeri Johnson), Deylon Horton (Piano/Jamie Auberg), Cody Lowe (Saxophone/Michael Bell), Katie Shelton (Violin/Christine Evans), Paxton Speight (Piano/Zach Moats & Voice/Rita Leonardi), Zachary Sturm (Piano/Guy Hayden), Hazelyn Varela (Piano/Gay Ross-Clunis), Mario Varela (Piano/Guy Hayden), Kat Williams (Voice/Megan Buhmann), Bohyun Yoon (Voice/Megan Buhmann)

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