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October Star Students!

Congratulations to our October Stars! They were nominated by their instructors because their hard work, commitment, practice, progress and attendance reached super star status! Keep up the good work!!

Back Row -Zack Mason (piano/Gay Ross-Clunis), Gavin Gauthier (piano/Rebecca Lowe), Gregory Anderson (voice/Megan Buhmann), Bridget Palermo (Music Theatre/Celeste Agett)

Front Row - David Zimmerman (violin/Valerie Philbrick-DeBrava), Atley Wiese (piano/Rebecca Lowe), Owen Keith (Music Theatre/Celeste Agett), Vivian Moore (voice/Rita Leonardi), Allyson Burke (Elementary Theatre/Rebecca Lowe), Natalie Haas (Elementary Theatre/Rebecca Lowe), Gus Alston (guitar/Jordan Ponzi)

Not Pictured - Emerson Cronk (voice/Megan Buhmann), Ben Lowe (trumpet/Aaron Reeves), Cody Lowe (saxophone/Mike Bell), Micah Stark (piano/Jamie Auberg), Mario Varela (piano/Guy Hayden), Samantha Watson (violin/Guy Hayden)

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