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Meet Dani Doster!

Have you seen this awesome lady walking around Centerstage? Want to know more about what she does? Read up on Dani Doster here!

Q. What got you into performing?

A. My insightful 1st grade teacher realized that to get me, her class clown, to settle down during the day was to make me her the “Tooth Announcer.” At the end of the day I was able stand up on a chair and announce to the rest of the class that someone had lost a tooth. It was my first taste of getting up in front of an audience, and I was hooked.

Q. What is your favorite food? Least favorite? A. I love anything chocolate but nothing with mushrooms.

Q. Favorite song? A. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Q. Most surprising thing about you? A. I’m not a teenager. I realize that my baby face will someday, be an asset.

Q. Dream vacation?

A. I would love to go to Europe.I love William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, so being able to visit England would be a dream come true.

Q. What’s a strange talent you have?

A. I can make balloon animals.

Q. Favorite holiday? A. Halloween, getting dressed up, playing pretend, and FREE CANDY!?! Count me in.

Q. If you weren’t in arts/education where would you be?

A. Emotionally? Very sad.

Q. What inspires you the most about teaching kids?

A. How they show such growth and kindness.

Q. What advice would you give to those interested in starting lessons or classes?

A. Art/Music/Theatre is fun, why on earth would we do something this difficult and time-consuming, if it didn’t bring so much joy. So, be sure to have fun!

Q. What guidance would you give to parents of students?

A. Let them use these classes and lessons as an opportunity to grow in confidence, sometimes that means taking a step away from your child in order for them to test their strength. As parents, let them fail and let them try. It’s the only way they’ll grow.

Find out more about Dani and sign up for Young Performers, MTTP, or Joy of Acting with her here!

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