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Musical Theatre Master Class - March 25

You won't want to miss this Master Class on Monday, March 25, with guest instructor Alexx Stachowiak! He has first-hand experience and knowledge about what makes a performance great, especially when it comes to Disney inspiration.

Alexx just got off Disney’s biggest cruise ship - The Disney Fantasy - performing in Aladdin. Before that he did a Cirque show called Carnival Cirque where he performed for thousands at the beautiful Fallsview Casino. He has performed as a professional specialty dancer and aerialist, touring nationally and worldwide, as well as in LA music videos, and with regional Broadway credits with VMT.

Alexx has extensive experience as a choreographer as well, including many Williamsburg-based shows and Centerstage's own Tarzan production!

Alexx is "grateful to have worked with many current Broadway choreographers, performers, producers, and directors who have taught and inspired me to become who I am today as a professional."

Students should come prepared with one Disney song they’d like to showcase for the class and be prepared to move (not dance). Open to all ages and skill levels. They will get feedback on their performances and be able to ask questions!

Most master classes of this caliber with this instructor would run upwards of $150-200. This is an extremely good deal and awesome learning experience - and Alexx will only be in town briefly - DON'T MISS OUT!!

Date: Monday, March 25, 6:00-8:00pm

Tuition: $45 per student

Location: Big House of Grafton Baptist Church

To register, call the studio office at (757) 890-0175 Mon-Fri, 2-7pm.

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