Perform in the role of your life - or death - in this mystery  theatre production!
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A full-length comedic production!

Put your acting skills to the test with crazy characters and insane scenes! If you enjoy comedy improv, this will take your performance to the next level with both scripted and improvised interactions that will have everyone in stitches. The Spotlight Players Acting & Production class is designed to give students the opportunity to perform in a fully staged non-musical comedic production ... and this year it's a full-length show! 


A unique acting experience! 

The interaction between actors and audience during a mystery theatre production is quite exciting ... and very different from a staged theatrical show. Actors rub shoulders with audience members, reacting spontaneously, improvising, all while in character and progressing the plot. This makes each performance unique and exciting for everyone involved! And who wouldn't love a chase scene!!

The Spotlight Players present

A Mystery Theatre Production




Saturdays, 1:00-4:00pm

Tuition: $90/Sept, $185 per month (Oct-Dec)

Register today!

Rehearsals begin September 24th.

Auditions will be held at the first rehearsal!

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It’s time for the Knotting Family Reunion, and newlywed Christine Franklin is eager to show off her husband Freddie to the family she hasn’t seen in years.  The joyful reunion quickly turns sour though when Aunt Gretchen, Cousin Rachel, and Cousin Stefan are all murdered. 

The members of the Knotting Family are dropping like flies, and Christine seems to be next in line to become a victim!  To make matters worse, a terrible storm has trapped all the guests inside.  It’s up to Freddie to catch the murderer and save his blushing bride.  After all, he is a detective — well, a mall security guard turned wannabe detective, anyway.  Who is trying to wipe out the Knotting family?  Is it the pair of squirrel-hunting hillbilly sisters with their rifle?  The former Vegas showgirl with a knack for knitting?  The maid with a single digit IQ?  The grouchy cook?  The bitter journalist?  The troupe of mimes?  Gretchen, Rachel, and Stefan return from the dead, and with the audience’s help, teach Freddie what it takes to be a real detective. 

Complete with a hilarious chase scene, a chance for several of the characters to interact with the audience, and a few surprising plot twists, this is a refreshingly fun murder mystery comedy that earns rave revues from both cast and audience!

Our in-person classes include appropriate social distancing measures which will be outlined to all students who enroll. Our facilities are sanitized and ventilated as recommended by health organizations. The health and safety of our students and families are a top priority.