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Our private voice lessons are offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons based on students' needs and teacher recommendation.  Individual lessons focus on building vocal technique and skills in a one-on-one environment. Repertoire varies according to student interest, goals and technical needs. Private lessons are given throughout the week, from early afternoon to late evening.  

One-on-one instruction allows teachers to tailor their instruction to meet the specific interests, needs and learning styles of each individual student. Students are encouraged to take advantage of any opportunity to sing in an ensemble, such as in group classes or theatre productions. This is vital for students to gain valuable harmony and ear training skills they would otherwise miss in a private lesson.


Teachers are available for lessons throughout the week, from early afternoon to late evening. For specific times and days, contact the studio office or register online.

Check out our faculty page for instructor bios, availability and online registration. Our special events, including Recitals, Bonus Workshops, Community Outreach Events and more, are designed to be positive, motivational experiences. Be sure to register for these events in advance.


Lesson books and materials will be recommended to students as needed, and can be purchased through the studio. Instructors use a variety of teaching curriculum,  most of which includes a practice/performance CD.  Students are taught a wide range of musical styles, including standard classical repertoire, music theatre selections and popular songs.


Tuition Rates, September-May (materials not included):

30 minute private lessons - $132 per month

45 minute private lessons - $196 per month

60 minute private lessons - $260 per month

Tuition on average is 4 lessons/classes per tuition payment. It's easier for our families and bookkeeper if we have the same tuition amount each month, so we've averaged the total number of lessons/classes per year (34) into 9 equal tuition payments (September-May). Tuition will only be pro-rated for partial first month for new enrollments. Tuition will be the same September-May, regardless of holidays; June tuition will be 1/2 the monthly tuition.

Voice Lessons 2024-2025
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