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Michael Harvey

Drums, Percussion, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Instructor

Michael Harvey is a young musician native to Hampton Roads. With twenty years experience, Mr. Harvey has gained a great deal of knowledge of drums and percussion, guitar and piano. He is quite fond of varying genres of music, including pop, rock, Latin, jazz and even classical and Baroque.  Some of his favorite artists and composers include Chopin, Francisco Ta'rrega, Israel Lopez, Rebecca Mauleo'n, Hidalgo Giovanni, Bjork, Midnite, Mozart, Ravel, Bartok, Herbie Hancock, Lang Lang, and many more. Mr. Harvey has performed in the CNU Wind Ensemble, the Northern Neck Orchestra, and the York River Symphony Orchestra, played jazz in the mountains of France, and played John Dowland in historical churches of England. He has also played rock bands in New York City, open mics in California, and festivals as far south as Florida. Mr. Harvey aspires to seek further specialization and education in the fields of music, mathematics and philosophy. He enjoys teaching music to others, but when he's not working you can find him reading a book out at the local Mexican restaurant. "My heart will always lie in service to others. I want to help people, thus making the world a better place, and my passion for teaching is one way I can achieve that. I feel very blessed to teach at Centerstage."

Michael Harvey
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