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Rebecca Lowe fell in love with teaching piano and theatre while she was in college. After graduating from William & Mary with degrees in Music and Sociology, she began welcoming students into her home for private and group piano lessons and small musical presentations. When her waiting list of new students remained full, she opened Centerstage as a "kids conservatory" for instrumental and theatre instruction. Ms. Lowe has enjoyed teaching hundreds of students over the years alongside her professional colleagues. The best part has been watching her students discover new abilities and grow in confidence, while gaining skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. That reward comes full circle as students become teachers, and kids become parents who bring their own kids back to Centerstage. Ms. Lowe is excited to be part of the musical journey of the next generation!

Rebecca Lowe 2017 - Timorah Beales Photo

Rebecca Lowe

Piano Instructor & Studio Owner

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