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Christine Evans

Violin & Viola Instructor

Christine Evans is a passionate musician with degrees from the University of Wales and the University of Oxford. A resident of Gloucester for 36 years, she has studied extensively with Arkady Heifets for the last fifteen – and regards it as “fundamental to my mental heath.”Ms. Evans is active as a violinist and violist in three string chamber groups and the York River Symphony Orchestra, and has also attended a number of professional chamber music camps through Princeton Play Group.She is very interested in developing better teaching methods to make the difficult string instruments accessible and enjoyable to her students. She continues to explore various methods from the classical and Suzuki teaching to find a flexible system, and has become increasingly interested in ways of developing more relaxed playing through exercise and memorization. “I love teaching and find it not only rewarding but exciting and stimulating. It is never boring and no student is unimportant.”

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