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Who We Are

Centerstage Academy, founded in 1995, is the leading "Kids Conservatory" on the Peninsula. We are dedicated to bringing the JOY of the arts into the lives of our students! Our teachers are experienced professionals with university degrees and professional performance experience. Our students are comprised of all ages and skill levels, each with unique goals and dreams. It is our passion at Centerstage to help each student meet their individual goals!


We offer private and group instruction for a wide variety of instruments and voice, as well as ensemble performance and recital programs. Our music theatre department includes acting classes, vocal technique, theatrical productions and more. Our Young Performers program is a unique exploratory experience that helps children ages 10 months to 6 years discover music, singing, instruments, drama, choreography and mini-musical productions. Let us help you discover the JOY of the arts!






I didn’t intend to start a performing arts studio. The idea kind of crept in slowly without warning: the beaming smile on the face of a new piano student who had just completed their first piano lesson; the sparkling eyes of a student eager to show me what they had accomplished during the week; the radiant confidence in a child after their first recital performance!


Something so simple, yet nothing else could compare – I was forever changed by that joy! The joy that comes from sharing your talent with others; a student’s joy as they learn a new skill; a parent’s joy as they watch their child develop lifelong talents and values; a teacher’s joy to be a part of something that truly changes lives and makes a difference. Centerstage was founded upon that joy.


I’m not the only one that believes in the power of that joy. Many other teachers and staff have joined us over the years, all with a common purpose – to help others discover the joy of the arts. And we believe that journey of discovery and appreciation, practice and discipline, frustration and triumph, will bring success to other areas of one’s life as well.


The music, the stage, the arts -- they are the medium with which we’ve chosen to work. But Centerstage is about the unique stories and the eager smiles.  We are about enriching lives and spreading JOY!






WE BELIEVE that we are changing lives and empowering dreams.

WE BUILD a positive team and family spirit.

WE SEE the potential in ourselves and our students.

WE NURTURE the creativity within each of us.

WE GUIDE through excellent instruction and caring.

WE INSPIRE with our passion and determination.

WE CREATE adventure, excitement, curiosity, anticipation and fun.

WE INNOVATE new ways to engage and educate.

WE STAND OUT as different . . . in a good way.

WE CELEBRATE the privilege we are given.

Our Story
Our Core Values
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