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Awards & Incentives

Motivating Students to Excel

Everyone needs a reward now and then for their hard work and accomplishments. Recognition and incentives makes practice more enjoyable. And the more students practice, the more they achieve! We strive to keep students on track and celebrate their milestones.


Everyone is encouraged to participate in the 20 Piece Challenge! Each time you memorize 20 pieces, you get to choose your own prize from our Treasure Box, then compete to find who can memorize the most by June! Top achievers will be recognized at the Spring Recital.


Our BRAVO Awards & Trophies continue this year as the trophies keep getting bigger! Earn points as you practice each week and receive an award of your choice after every 100 point milestone. Earn 500 and you’ve earned your trophy. Get a larger trophy each year and display them with pride! Wait, you've earned more than 600 points? Choose your own composer bust to keep you inspired when practicing at home.


Strive for higher levels of excellence with our Honors Program earning a medal at the end of the year. 

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